The Benefits and Different Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy effectively improves blood flow, soothes sore muscles and acts as a natural stress reliever. Massage therapists use many different techniques to help people with conditions such as arthritis, anxiety and fibromyalgia. The most common techniques include reflexology, sports massage and Swedish massage. These massage therapy Mon City PA services are offered in numerous locations including spas and hotels. The most common reasons people receive massages are to manage pain, spasms, stiffness, soreness, overall wellness and injury rehabilitation. Numerous physicians have recommended massage therapy to their patients. Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues and muscular structure for the treatment of physical and mental body ailments.

One of the most popular massages in the world is called the Swedish massage. This stimulates the circulation with the use of five different kneading strokes. These can be performed with soft to firm strokes, manipulate the soft tissue and flow towards the heart. The deep tissue massage affects the sub-layer of fascia and musculature with deep muscle and tissue movements. This is usually for injury rehabilitation, chronic muscular pain and reducing inflammation. The sports massage is generally used to warm an athletes body, help treat or prevent injuries and to improve the blood flow to the tissues and muscles.

A prenatal massage is safe and effective for the fetus and the mother. This helps decrease the discomforts of pregnancy such as leg and lower back pain. The Thai massage has been used for sacred ceremonies for 2,500 years. This massage is given on the floor on a firm mat. The positioning and kneading stimulates organs and tissues using energy lines. This is a European method developed to treat runners and athletes. The muscles are placed in a specific position, so they can be manipulated and stretched. Acupressure presses key points on the skin’s surface with the fingers. This Eastern healing art is ancient, stimulates energy channels, reduces muscular tension and helps the blood flow. Shiatsu is a massage originating in ancient Japan. This restores the balance of the body by unblocking the energy. The art of massage uses movement, manipulation and repatterning to help correct issues with the body.

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Massage therapy offers numerous benefits for chronic lower back pain, the reduction of pain caused by the joints, bursitis, fibromyalgia and arthritis, the relaxation of muscles, soreness, stiffness, generalized pain, fatigue, muscle spasms and headaches. Massage therapy can help control pre-hypertension, BP, depression and anxiety. Massage therapy is recommended for diabetes because it lacks the side effects of traditional medication, helps with relaxation, increases activity, decreases emotional eating, improves sleep and decreases inflammation from a hormonal imbalance. Specific types of massages are extremely beneficial to the recovery and performance of athletes. They also help prevent running injuries and ligament tears. Many athletes receive a massage at the training site to warm up the muscles and establish blood flow before the event. Some sports massages also include other techniques such as meditation, visualization and deep breathing.