Is There A Doctor In The White House?

Finding affordable health insurance is one of the primary concerns for people who have recently become unemployed. This was essentially an option to add services, at a premium, through private health plans that would cover what Medicare did not. The fight has been carried out by Medicare service providers like doctors and hospitals, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicare patients as well as law enforcement agencies and consumer protection agencies.\n\nThe government is prohibited from ordering you to pay insurance premiums and so therefore they designate the payroll contributions as a tax and use the IRS to collect the funds to pay for the whole thing. If you currently have these conditions, please do not waste your time applying for a major medical policy because you will not be approved.\n\nThe Senate is expected to vote on the Medicare cuts today, prior to debate on the complete healthcare reform bill. The elimination of income taxes presents as a tax reduction and this tax reduction allows for the expansion of payroll taxes to include National Health Care and Public Education.\n\nThe bill is still being written, but Reid appears to be supporting a moderate approach that, by its definition as a comprehensive healthcare reform bill, leans more towards centrist and liberal Democrats but still has too many flaws for them to endorse wholeheartedly.\n\nInsurance companies that sell Medicare Supplement insurance policies are only able to sell “standardized” policies. This creates a snowball effect because as rates go up, more people remain uninsured or decide to drop their current coverage, not to mention the huge burden this puts on businesses to provide insurance to their employees.

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