Healthy Eating

Back in the old days, there was little fast food available, when you finally get the chance to have some, it was a special occasion. Eating fruit can help you lose weight and also prevent illness. What is a surprise is that the foods you eat may indirectly be affecting the way think and act. Now, leafy greens are the food that’s most missing from our modern diets, and they’re super healthy and really important.\n\nAnd a diet heavy in chocolate is a diet heavy in sugar, calories, and fat. As well as a healthy, balanced overall diet, the individual ingredients used in Thai cooking are well known for their benefits and, in many cases, they are actually used in Southeast Asian medicine.\n\nIf you choose the “smaller meals more often” route you must concentrate on selecting meals and snacks that are fewer in calories compared to the square meals because you are eating more of them. “Essential” vitamins and minerals are proven to be required by the human body for us to live, but only now are we starting to really see the real potential health benefits of these new phytochemicals.\n\nVitamin C and the vitamins in the B group are water soluble which means that when foods are soaked, blanched or boiled, a high percentage of these vitamins are leached out. It seems the West is catching up with the East – because, as registered Hong Kong dietitian Danica Yau observes, insect eating is nothing new in Asia”.\n\nIt is the overall balance of your food choice that counts and eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean giving up all your favorite foods. Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health: A Review of the Evidence. 2) Eat foods in as close to their natural state as possible.

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