Five “Health Foods” That May Be Making You Sick!

You learned how important your brain is in school and if that didn’t hammer the point home, your mom has yelled at for you for years telling you not to drink alcohol or do drugs because it kills your brain cells. If you eat lean meat, poultry and fish you will give your body good protein. Healthy food recipe is a term used for foods that have low fat and sugar content. Foods that only contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemical additives, artificial sugars and loaded with salt are devoid of nutrients and are therefore, dead.\n\n4) Proteins: the building blocks of our body can be obtained from food sources like skimmed milk and its products, animal food like egg, lean meat and fish, pulses and legumes. For example, flax seed oil contains the majority of its EFA’s in the Omega 3 form, which is nowadays much heralded as being an absolute must if one is to be healthy.\n\nAnother aspect of this healthy foods trend is removing ingredients or additives from formulated food products. Even if organic foods may not be uniquely nutritionally fortified as many of us have grown accustomed to thinking, don’t write them off just yet.\n\nHowever, the moment oil is extracted from the whole seeds or olives, even if it is cold pressed, the fiber, protein and carbohydrates are discarded and, instead, we end up with a very unnatural and unbalanced product that is 100% concentrated fat that will inevitably produce health problems within the body.\n\nIt contributes to the health of your colon and increases the absorption of nutrients in your body. The studies did not include biomarkers to assess whether women who reported organic food consumption had different exposure to pesticides, had higher levels of beneficial agents, or had generally healthier lifestyles.

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