In Ontario, as well as in all other Canadian provinces, citizens, permanent residents and work permit holders receive free medical assistance. It has a requirement to fill all kinds of jobs, from General Practitioner, Hospital doctor including surgeons, Nurses, therapists, management, including non-healthcare jobs such as construction and catering. In fact, these predetermined pricing modules are so accurate some insurance companies form their coverage to mirror the preferred billing, therefore limiting the out of pocket expense by thousands of dollars.\n\nHealth care providers, including hospitals, in 33 states are required to post a list of their fees on the Internet. People who luckily qualify for these insurances may rest assured as the government bears a considerable sum of their expenses whenever necessary.\n\nAdditional insurance plans people usually buy include critical illness insurance and disability insurance. Both strategies rest on an individual mandate that requires people to either buy health coverage or pay a fine. The site’s login system—the software which accepted usernames, passwords, and was used by every health-insurance applicant—had a 91 percent uptime rate.\n\nMedicare came into existence with the Social Security Act of 1963, when signed by President Lyndon Johnson as a way to provide medical coverage for citizens of the age 65 or older as well as those with special conditions who may qualify for these benefits before the age of 65. People who have had permanent resident status in the United States for 5 consecutive years are also eligible if over the age of 65. Those younger then 65 qualify if they are disabled and collecting social security benefits.\n\nThe bill is still being written, but Reid appears to be supporting a moderate approach that, by its definition as a comprehensive healthcare reform bill, leans more towards centrist and liberal Democrats but still has too many flaws for them to endorse wholeheartedly.

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