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How You Can Practice STD Awareness and Prevention

While it’s a beautiful thing, the idea of sex may be daunting for both new and seasoned individuals alike. There are many reasons for this, and perhaps the biggest fear associated with engaging in sexual activity, is the risk of STD transmission. STDs, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, are a group of bacterial and viral infections that are spread via sexual contact. Abstaining from sex is currently the best method of STD prevention, but if you’re like millions of others worldwide, this may not be the best method for you. Luckily, there are other simple ways you can practice STD awareness and prevention, while being sexually active.

1. Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, there are tons of resources available that are specially tailored to educate you on STDs and STD prevention. It is important that you inform yourself of the diverse types of STDs, their symptoms, what they look like, and how they affect your body in the long run. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood provide simple and detailed articles on safe sex, STD prevention, and STD facts. Thankfully, you can access all this information from the comfort of your own home! If you’re not too confident in your research skills, you can always ask your doctor, or any healthcare professional for information regarding sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

2. Know your Partner(s)

Aside from abstinence, being in a long-term monogamous relationship with a healthy partner is another fantastic way to practice STD awareness and prevention. In a monogamous sexual relationship, both partners agree to have sex with each other, and no one else. Remember, as the number of your sexual partners increases, your risk of acquiring an STD also increases. It is extremely important to always know your STD status and your partner’s STD status, whether you’re in a relationship with one partner, or multiple partners. According to the CDC, another practice that helps to lower your risk of infection is making sure you regularly use condoms during sex (especially if you have multiple partners).

3. Get Regular STD Checks!

Perhaps the most important STD awareness and prevention practice, for those who are sexually active, is getting regular checks for STDs. When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, the saying ‘the earlier the better’ cannot be stressed enough. The earlier a disease or infection is caught, the better your treatment options and long-term health will be. Not only does it help lower the spread of STDs, knowing your status also provides you with a certain peace of mind. Urging your partner to also get regularly tested for STDs is an important piece of the prevention puzzle. Getting tested one time is simply not enough, as some STDs may not show up on tests for months. There are many options available today for testing; you may opt to visit your doctor, or explore other avenues. Sites such as provide a quick and confidential testing process for those who are interested in getting checked.

Sex does not have to be a scary thing. Whether you’re already having sex, or considering taking the leap, you can enjoy a healthy and safe sex life by just practicing these 3 STD awareness and prevention tips.…

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Five Techniques to Manage Pain

Pain is something that no one should have to live with, but it is unfortunately a part of far too many people’s lives. Some people even suffer from chronic pain. Living your life with constant pain is an awful thing to experience. Fortunately, you can find pain relief if you look hard enough. You just need to cast a wide net to find the pain relief method that is right for you. Use the following five techniques to eliminate your pain so you can enjoy a life free of agony.

1. Eliminate Stress

The mind is more powerful than the body. That means that it is only natural for stress to make pain worse. When you suffer from chronic pain, getting stressed out is a fast ticket to ramping up your pain level. Learning how to reduce stress with relaxation techniques is a wonderful way to manage your pain. When your stress levels are low, you will find your pain levels follow suit.

2. Exercise

One great way to reduce stress in your life is to make regular exercise a part of your lifestyle. The endorphins that are released when you exercise not only eliminate stress, but they also are natural painkillers. If you are at all capable of activity, being active is almost always the right choice when you want to manage your pain. Going for a run to get your endorphins pumping can be like a magical cure when you are suffering an episode of pain.

3. Electronic Stimulation

Way back in the 1960s, famous martial artist Bruce Lee was using electronic stimulation devices to reduce his recovery time and help him build muscle. Running electricity through the body in small enough levels helps the body to heal. It reduces inflammation and helps to reduce pain. Using something like the TENS plus EMS Therapy to stimulate your body with electricity can greatly reduce the level of pain you experience.

4. Massage Therapy

One of the most enjoyable ways to treat your pain is to massage it away. If you suffer from chronic pain, you should make regular massage therapy appointments a part of your lifestyle. Between appointments with your massage therapist, you can give yourself home treatments. Far too many people fail to take advantage of the benefits of massage therapy for treating their pain at home. You can reduce your pain at any moment when you know effective self-massage techniques.

5. Acupuncture

For many people who have failed to find effective pain relief with other methods, acupuncture is like a miracle. For many forms of chronic pain that fail to respond to other treatments, acupuncture can be effective. Go under the needle to experience amazing pain relief.

There is no reason to live with pain as a constant companion in your life. If you are relentless in your pursuit of pain relief, you will find the right technique to manage your pain. Start with the five tips above, and your pain will soon be under control.…